In order to reduce risk, improve ROI, and implement better solutions in a shorter time frame for a better cost, Mega Informatics has developed tools and methodologies, re-usable components, and accelerators dedicated to your specific needs and business processes.
Successful SAP implementations require specific SAP expertise to help tailor the solution to meet your exact requirements. Mega Informatics has established dedicated delivery practices for mySAP ERP, CRM, SRM, and NetWeaver including SAP BI/BW, EP and XI. With Mega Informatics SAP solutions you can maximize the full potential of your SAP investment and acquire new operational capabilities quickly.
Our SAP Solutions include the following practices:

  • mySAP Business Intelligence (mySAP BI/BW) – We are ready to help you identify, integrate and analyze disparate business data from a wide variety of sources.
  • NetWeaver Portal – Regardless of size, companies are seeking ways to better align people, information, and applications across organizational and technological boundaries. By streamlining access to critical information across the value chain, your company can enhance overall performance in a highly competitive market.
  • SAP NetWeaver – Using this comprehensive integration and application platform, we help you rapidly design, build and implement the foundation for new business strategies and processes across the enterprise.
  • mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) – Our team of SRM professionals guide your organization through a process of education and discovery to enable procurement processes that produce open collaboration and achieve synergies between your internal resources, your suppliers and your partners.
  • mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) – Obtain the power to connect your entire value chain – including employees, partners, industry-specific processes and technology – in a closed-loop, customer interaction cycle.
  • Solution Manager – Mega Informatics provides SAP Solution Manager to your business as the foundational system for the service and support infrastructure for your SAP solution.
  • mySAP ERP Upgrades – When it comes to upgrading your system, Mega Informatics raises the bar. We understand the due diligence required to successfully modify ‘mission critical’ applications, and will bring to you strong expertise.
  • mySAP HR E-Recruiting Solution – The E-Recruiting solution extends well beyond the offerings of other vendors. Talent Relationship management is a paradigm shift from what was traditionally vacancy driven recruiting to talent-driven recruiti
  • Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) – SEM delivers end-to-end ERP software capabilities to support the entire performance management life cycle, including: Consolidated financial reporting; Planning, budgeting, and forecasting; corporate performance management and scorecards; and Risk management.