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Hundreds of #HANA use cases: Enterprise Jungle creates value from your company’s ecosystem jungle. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to claim large companies were similar to the jungle: complex ecosystems not easily navigated.

James Sinclair used this analogy in building the startup Enterprise Jungle, a next generation search and discovery intelligence engine aimed at connecting employees to relevant knowledge, talent, and content within the uncharted enterprise.

These enterprise “jungles” are plagued with many of the same problems: siloes information, many connections to external entities, various enterprise applications, and difficulty consolidating it all on one platform.

The startup comes at a time when the prior “hunt and peck” method of an employee actively searching for information will be replaced with a new social business model in which context-based information is provided to employees in real-time without their query.

The underlying value of Enterprise Jungle is that companies will derive the most value from their workforce by facilitating collaboration: by connecting employees who would work well together or with solutions to problems already encountered by employees in other areas of the company.

By enabling employees to unearth and leverage the experts, knowledge, and talent within their own company, the Enterprise Jungle engine drives sales enablement, team building, and skill development.

Enterprise Jungle Features

  • Enterprise Jungle interface is compatible with existing corporate communications platforms and applications.
  • Builds stronger employee profiles by bringing personalized content from across the enterprise as well as external platforms
  • Who Can Help Me? tool allows a visual search of the workforce across up to 150 different search filters in order to find skills and talent across the enterprise


A large enterprise with 50,000 to 100,000 employees contains an immense volume of data that requires processing, necessitating a in-memory platform like SAP HANA.  Providing users with the relevant information before they move onto their next work tasks also made HANA’s real time engine processing an imperative.

Real-Time Insight at Your Service

Often, business success depends on one thing: insight. Not the kind of insight you get from standardized reports, but the kind you get from enterprise data the instant it’s created. That’s the power of real-time insight – and that’s the power of SAP HANA.

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