At Mega Informatics, we’ve always believed prosperity and responsibility must coexist – and we conduct business with a higher purpose and a longer-term view. As such, we are guided by three values: Ethics, Excellence and Leadership. These are the purpose of our play.

Beyond Ethics to Doing Good
While we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, we derive our greatest satisfaction from creating innovations that help solve the world’s problems, adding value to people’s lives, improving health and safety, and making this world sustainable.

Beyond Excellence to Creating New Experiences
We create the highest quality products and services because our customers deserve no less. While we take pride in demonstrating excellence in everything we do, though, we find even deeper gratification in creating products that completely change the customer’s experience.

Beyond Leadership to Building for the Future
Following our founders’ long-term view, we recognize that for our customers and our company to be economically sustainable, our innovations must enable us both to win in the market and to reinvest for the future.


Elegant Solutions
Our goal is to create solutions that are not just original, but that enhance people’s lives, impacting society in real and profound ways.

Changing the Way You Experience the World
Solving problems at the human level requires more than numbers or formulas. It requires solving problems with the experience in mind. Our deep understanding of the power of innovative design that is truly meaningful leads us to create something significant and far better altogether – something that not only changes how you think about the products you use everyday, but changes the way you experience the world around you.